How To Connect Godaddy Domain To HostKro

If you registered your domain with Godaddy and don’t know how to connect the Godaddy domain to HostKro then read this article till the end. I will tell you step by step how you can connect your GoDaddy domain to Hostkro web hosting.

First of all you need Hostkro Nameservers that help us to connect any domain to HostKro web hosting.

Here are the HostKro Nameservers that you need to connect your domain to HostKro web hosting.


You also get nameservers and other hosting details through email when you get hosting from Hostkro.

Now Let’s see How to connect GoDaddy domain to HostKro web hosting.

How To Connect Godaddy Domain To HostKro

  • Login to your godaddy account
login to godaddy account
  • Here click on the three dots that available just above the domain name and choose manage DNS
Godady DNS Management
  • On this page click on change nameserver
point godaddy domain to hostkro web hosting
  • Now choose “l’ll choose my own nameservers” and enter nameserver’s provided by hostkro after that click on save button.
add hostkro nameserver in godaddy

It will take up to 72 hours to propagate nameservers completely. We strongly recommend that you do not discontinue your previous hosting service until this period is over. During these 72 hours, some of your visitors will access your site on the old server and some on the new so you need them both up and running.

If you want to check that nameservers are propagated or not then follow the below steps.

  • Go to the website.
  • Here enter your domain name and click on the search button.
nameserver propogation checker

If you get a green tick and Hostkro IP next to the location that means it domain nameserver propagated and you can start building your website. But if you see a cross next to the IP then you need to wait for some time.

Here are some other tutorial that you should check out

If you still have any question you can ask us me in the comment section also you can mail us on

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