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Everything About HostKro

HostKro is one of the top leading web hosting provider and domain registrar of all time. We are the best at providing services like domain registration, shared hosting


Our Mission

We at HostKro are self-funded and privately-owned, which allows us to take extraordinary initiatives and introduce a number of innovative ideas.  After assembling a stunning team, with one sole intention – to form a fast, secure, and reliable Web Hosting company, we are ready to tackle the vast universe of Web Hosting services!

Satisfied Customers

All our services are focused on customer satisfaction!

Superb Quality

We test every service we offer at 10 levels before it is released!

Happy Crew

Having happy employees is vital to the success of any mission!

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Our Vision

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Whether dealing with our customers or dealing with our employees, we are all about transparency. No matter how harsh the truth may be, sometimes, we believe that everyone should be aware of how our services and company are faring. Because of this, we are always open to questions about our Company Structure, our Service Status, and basically anything that concerns our customers!

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Every day, we add new or better features to our Web Hosting Service. Most Web Hosting Companies are using the same service types since they are based on a proven setup. By following that model, not only is there no service evolution, but the existing services are essentially obsolete and morally questionable since they are trending. HostKro welcomes innovation and even encourages it. If a product will lead to progress and better services, we are not afraid to invest in it. Thus we are constantly testing and implementing improvements to our Infrastructure, our Services, and even our approach to our customers!

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The company hosts more than one million websites, and its abusive users are among the lowest in the industry. Our policy is very soft when it comes to dealing with customers who violate our rules. Many web hosting companies suspend abusive customers’ accounts without explaining why this is happening. This is not what we do. Our first attempt will be to inform our customers about the incident, and only if they do not resolve it, will we be forced to suspend the service. In order to ensure that each customer experiences as little downtime as possible, we have a tolerable grace period as well as an optional grace period.

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Spread of Wisdom

Our learning is what keeps us on track. Our company follows this simple but important rule by sharing our experience with customers in the form of useful guides, tutorials, and blog posts. We will never ignore learnings about new technologies or the unknown aspects of already existing ones!