How To Migrate Emails From One cPanel To Another

Want to know How to migrate emails from one cpanel to another?

We all know mails are very important for a website owner because your users/ Customers contact you through the mail and all their details that they send you order history and many more things available in the mails.


What if all your mails will be deleted?

If this happens you will lose many more things like your user ‘s data and other things that they provide you through mail.

But Wait I will tell you how to migrate your mail from one cpanel to another.

Steps To Migrate emails from one cpanel to another

Note: To perform this process you need access to both cpanel.

First thing that we will do is take a backup of all your emails from the old cpanel after that will restore that backup to the new cpanel.

Create Email Backup file in old cpanel

Step 1: Login to Old Cpanel

To login into your cpanel go to

yourdomain/cpanel or  your server ip/cpanel

Also if you are a user of you can use to access your cpanel.

How To Migrate Emails From One cPanel To Another

Step 2: Go to file manager


Step 3: Compress your mail data into a zip file

  • Open Mail Folder here
how to transfer emails from one cpanel to another
  • Select all files that available in this folder and press right click on any file then click on compress option here
  • Now choose zip as a file format and click on compress file
  • Now download that file to your local pc

Create Emails In The New Cpanel

After downloading the backup file we need to create all those emails in our new cpanel that are available in our old cpanel.

How to create email in cpanel?

Step 1: Login to your cpanel and goto email section


Step 2: Click on the create button and enter the email that you want to create. After that, set your password for email and click on the create button.

Ex. If you want to create admin@yourdomain then enter admin in the username section.


That’s it you successfully created your email.

Restore Email Backup To New Cpanel

Now we are going to restore the backup file that we downloaded from our old cpanel.

Step 1: Login to your new Cpanel and go to File Manager Section

how to transfer emails from one cpanel to another

Step 2: Open mail folder and upload that backup file here


Step 3: Extract the backup file here

Boom! You successfully migrate all your mails from old cpanel to new panel.

Now It’s your Turn

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