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Some of the cPanel users used to use Content Management System i.e. CMS. For uploading themes, plugins and other stuff on their file manager through Content Management System for that, they wanted to increase upload limit. Here we are sharing simply of increasing upload limit using cPanel in just 20 seconds.

  1. First, we need to login to "cPanel Account". If you don't have cPanel Hosting then Hostkro is providing your cheap & affordable shared hosting solution along with cPanel.

  2. Navigate to "MULTIPLE PHP INI EDITOR" in cPanel. Click on that and Select your location as your domain to edit its properties. 

  3. Then Navigate to the bottom of a page and look for upload_max_filesize and increase the size with number 10M - 20M (M=MB).

After increasing the limit of upload from cPanel, then reload your CMS page and try to upload your files.

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