Server Clean Up process

  • Wednesday, 22nd July, 2020
  • 09:56am

As Announced Earlier, Due To The Changes In The Pricing Structure Of CPanel And Making Hosts Pay Per Account Basis, The First Step We Have Decided Is To Clean The Server And Remove Accounts From The Server. Hence, We Request You To Perform The Following As Fast As Possible, Otherwise, We Will Check On All Accounts And Take Action. Reseller Business Model Is Changing And You May Have To Pay For Every Single Account, You Host. Hence, You Decide What You Want To Keep And What You Don't. Due To The Shortage Of Time, The Last Day For Removing The Accounts From The List Is Saturday, 25 July 2020 And We Shall Begin The Termination Of The Left Over Accounts Straight After That

Have To Remove These Types Of Websites From A Server

  • Domains That Are Not Pointing To Our Server.
  • Dummy Accounts Or Test Accounts.
  • Old Accounts That Have Come Under Root When The Reseller Was Terminated.
  • Domains Against Our Acceptable User Policy, Terms Of Service, And Privacy Policy.
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